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What is croup? Croup is a common childhood infection that affects breathing. It is recognizable by a “barking” cough commonly refered to as croup cough. It is caused by a virus and is common during winter and spring months. It usually affects children age 5 and younger, but older children can contract it as well.…
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Fever in Infants and Children

What is fever in infants and children? A fever is a sign that your body is sick or has an infection. A fever helps kill infections, bacteria and viruses that are causing the fever. Your child has a fever if his or her body temperature his higher than normal. A normal temperature is 98.6°F when…
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Teenagers: How to Stay Healthy

A dictionary might say that health is the state of being free from illness or injury. But others think it is more. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) says health is more than the absence of disease. “Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of…
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Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

What is the PSA test? Prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein produced by normal, as well as malignant, cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in a man’s blood. For this test, a blood sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results are usually reported as nanograms…
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Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer

Key facts Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses that are extremely common worldwide. There are more than 100 types of HPV, of which at least 14 are cancer-causing (also known as high risk type). HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact and most people are infected with HPV shortly after the onset of…
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Visual Guide to Cirrhosis

What Does Cirrhosis Do? Cirrhosis damages your liver. It causes scarring that slowly replaces healthy tissue. Eventually, this blocks blood flow and makes it harder for your liver to do its job. It won’t be able to filter toxins and help break down nutrients and medications. And the organ won’t make proteins and other substances…
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What to Avoid for Bone Health

1. Too Much Salt The more salt you eat, the more calcium your body gets rid of, which means it’s not there to help your bones. Foods like breads, cheeses, chips, and cold cuts have some of the highest counts. You don’t have to cut salt out entirely, but aim for less than 2,300 milligrams…
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10 Secrets to Whiter Teeth

Want Brighter, Whiter Teeth? Have your pearly whites lost their luster because of dingy gray or yellow stains? Stained teeth can occur as we age, but some common foods, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth. Do-it-yourself remedies can help whiten teeth, and avoiding substances that stain teeth can stop further discoloration. Use these secrets…
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