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Biomerieux Mini Vidas

MINI VIDAS®is greatly appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility, reliability and 24/7 availability. It processes single sample and batch tests for all types of analysis: serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection. Ten different analytes can be used simultaneously. All enzyme immunoassay reaction stages are performed automatically in minimal space: pipetting, incubating, washing, reading, and results are sent immediately to the integrated printer.

Compact instrument

  • Completely self-contained unit:
    • Analytical module with 12 test positions / 2 independent 6-test compartments  
    • Integrated monitor, keyboard and printer
  • Fits easily into your laboratory:
    • Light weight: only 88 lbs (40kg)
    • Small dimensions

Simple and flexible

  • Daily start-up completed in a few seconds only
  • Easy to use:
    • ​Patient ID acquisition & sample distribution
    • Place SPR®and STRIP into the machine
    • Press Start key
Easy to use - Simple operations to launch a test
  • Just ‘Load and go’
  • Adapted to STAT testing: PCT, NT-proBNP, Galectin-3, Troponin I, Myoglobin, CK-MB, hCG…
  • Single-dose format for all assays
  • Kit size suited to small test volumes
  • Simultaneous processing of different parameters
  • No inter-reagent or inter-sample contamination

Large test menu

  • Over 100 parameters in single-test format for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases
  • On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Results in 17 to 120 minutes
  • One order reference per test: kits include all components needed

Product Description

The Mini VIDAS is a multiparametric immunoassay product from bioMerieux. A fully automated analyzer, the Mini VIDAS is a compact model fitted with a built-in computer, keypad, printer, two compartments, and a constantly growing menu of assays.

The Biomerieux Mini VIDAS automated immunoassay system features two independent testing areas with six positions each, and is capable of processing 12 tests at once. Tests sharing similar protocols can be run in a section at the same time. The immunoassay system also performs single or batch testing with results in 20-60 minutes.

Communication between machine and user is completed via an integrated computer, display screen, keypad and built-in printer. The Mini VIDAS immunoassay system also incorporates a user-friendly software. Testing is easy with the use of self-contained reagent strips with all the necessary buffers, conjugates, and diluents required to complete the assay. Direct antigen assay results occur in 30-150 minutes.

The Mini VIDAS is equipped with the ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) technology, making it one of the most reliable systems in the market. Economical and efficient, the Mini VIDAS system requires minimal maintenance, needing only one-point recalibration every 14 days and providing an optimized cost per result.